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Art Requirements
This is pretty simple........well sort of

To  Achieve the best result we need good artwork.
We have a saying here
"you can rub and rub and rub but you can't shine a turd !    (c/o the book "Christine"  by Stephen  King)

So what do we need ?
Generally we require VECTOR art. These files generally are quite small and easy to email.
examples of vector art we accept are  

                                                                                                        illustrator Files                                                                 .ai
                                                                                                        illustrator EPS ( as oppsoed to photoshop eps )        .eps
                                                                                                        Corel Draw                                                                      .cdr
                                                                                                        Freehand                                                                         .fh7
                                                                   What is VECTOR art ? here is a link..... Vector

if all this sounds foriegn..... then......
If you have had business cards done you may have a PDF proof sent by the printer..... this could be what we need .

This enables us to seperate the colours and create bleeds and chokes
All  art must have the fonts converted to paths

As a rule No Raster Images  i.e    BMP, TIFF, GIF,
and Word files are not really welcome

But, we undersand that this is not always possible and will try to work with what you supply, best bet is to email us what you have and we will have a look and advise you

This is the exception to the rule
Photoshop files are perfect
image to the printing size
prefereably 300 pixels per inch, but 200 is still acceptable
Genarally on a white background, but if it is to go onto black or coloured shirts
a copy of the file with a black background as well